500 million households worldwide still use inefficient cooking methods such as three-stone fires.

These methods emit nearly 1 billion tons of greenhouse gases per year and cause 3.5 million premature deaths each year from smoke exposure.

Additionally, hundreds of millions of households lack access to clean water and use dangerous kerosene lamps for lighting.

WE can change that.

Over the past decade, high-quality technologies have been designed to address these issues. However, few companies have been able to deliver these products in large quantities and at affordable prices to geographically dispersed populations with limited disposable income.

UpEnergy offers a profitable business model that leverages carbon-financed distribution channels to deliver life-changing technologies to under-served households.

UpEnergy  finances, builds, and supports distribution channels for products such as high efficiency cookstoves, water purification technologies, and solar lights using carbon crediting mechanisms, including the Clean Development Mechanism and The Gold Standard.

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