UpEnergy fights poverty, improves health, and protects forests by making clean energy technologies available to people in the developing world. These technologies include high-efficiency cookstoves, solar lights and water purification.

UpEnergy is technology agnostic, focusing instead on sourcing the best possible solutions for the local contexts in which it works. UpEnergy sources products locally wherever possible and is committed to working with local artisans to develop products that meet stringent quality and design criteria.

UpEnergy seeks a reliable supply of high-quality products that are locally appropriate, durable, and sufficiently affordable for target customers. UpEnergy thoroughly tests all potential technologies using in-field focus groups and laboratory tests.

Current Technologies

Clean Cookstoves:

UpEnergy’s Ugandan and Central American projects are currently focused on the distribution of clean cookstove technology.  Current stove technologies include the Biolite, EZY Stove, SmartHome stoveJiko Poa and Envirofit G-3300.

Operating stoves: Ezy and Biolite with LED light

Woman cooking with the Biolite

SmartHome stove sales

Woman cooking with the Envirofit

These clean cookstoves reduce smoke and harmful gases by up to 80%, reduce biomass fuel use by up to 60%, and reduce cooking time by up to 50%.

Solar Lights:

The electric grid in developing countries is often very limited and serves only a small percentage of the population. As a result, most residents in the developing world are left without light during the evening or are forced to burn expensive, polluting, and dangerous kerosene lamps.

UpEnergy currently sells Greenlight Planet’s Sun King Pro and Sun King Solo products and is actively seeking other solar products to expand its portfolio.

The SmartHome team selling the SunKing Pro at Rushere Sacco

Water Purification:

Many residents of developing countries lack reliable access to clean water.  As a result, many people in the developing world boil their water to make it suitable for consumption.  This requires large amounts of fuel, frequently wood, which contributes to deforestation and climate change and impacts health from indoor air pollution.

UpEnergy currently sells Tulip Water Filter products and is actively seeking other water filter products to expand its portfolio.

A SmartHome salesman demonstrates the Tulip to a customer

The UpEnergy sales team is demonstrating SmartHome products

Future Technologies

UpEnergy is currently exploring and field-testing many new technologies in an ongoing effort to identify the most suitable products for each market. All of these products are complimentary to existing UpEnergy distribution networks, allowing UpEnergy to deliver these additional products at a low marginal cost.

If you have a product that you would like UpEnergy to explore, please Contact us.