Market Testing Consultancy

UpEnergy specializes in market validation of a variety of durable consumer products in Uganda. We use our network of direct sales agents and partner distributors to test market acceptance of a wide range of products.

Tests include:

  • In-house product testing of quality, usability, durability and assembly time (where appropriate).
  • In-field testing conducted through our direct sales team, SmartHome and our in-country distribution partners includes
    •  Price testing through second price auctions and controlled testing groups.
    • Usability and consumer appeal testing through product demonstrations, test sales and customer satisfaction surveys.

Since October 2011 we have partnered with suppliers to conduct market testing on the below products.:


Solar Lights:
Water Purification Units:
If you are interested in working with UpEnergy to design and conduct marketing testing of your product in Uganda, please Contact us.