The UpEnergy Model

UpEnergy fights poverty, improves health, and protects forests by making clean energy technologies available to more people in the developing world through carbon-financed distribution channels. UpEnergy works with technology manufacturers and local partners to deliver high quality products such as efficient cookstoves, water purification technologies, and solar lights to poorly served households at affordable prices. UpEnergy creates value for investors and delivers life-altering technologies to the developing world.

UpEnergy achieves extensive market penetration by engaging in direct sales to end users via UpEnergy’s local SmartHome sales team and by developing strong partnerships with local retailers, community organizations, NGOs, and governments.

The UpEnergy direct sales team develops best practices around effective marketing messages, end user engagement, and carbon record keeping. These techniques are then transferred to our distribution partners in coordinated “field pairings” in which the UpEnergy sales team accompanies distributors on sales trips to demonstrate the methods.  UpEnergy also supports distribution partners with back office accounting, logistics, links to prospective sub-regional partners and clients, and marketing materials.  The retailer marketing poster (above) provides marketing support to retail partners as well as strengthens UpEnergy’s East African brand, SmartHome.

The SmartHome brand was created to establish a culturally appropriate, recognizable mark of excellence for UpEnergy distribution channels in Uganda and beyond.

SmartHome Logo

UpEnergy is working with a number of partner organizations to test innovative products that enable scale. These products include branded, door-to-door pushcarts, and mobile phone-based inventory tracking systems.

Innovative Carbon Keeper smart phone technology that improves the end customer information collection required by carbon crediting mechanisms. The new technology is juxtaposed against traditional receipts.

UpEnergy is able to provide affordable products to low-income populations by leveraging carbon finance.  Our distribution channels offer investors a highly scalable, commercial investment opportunity that generates profound social and environmental impact.

The UpEnergy Advantage

The founders of UpEnergy are industry leaders with a track record in using carbon finance to scale household energy solutions in the developing world. Prior to founding UpEnergy, the team members registered each of the world’s first three Gold Standard energy efficient cookstove projects, leading them to profitability and resulting in the sale of over 500,000 clean cookstoves globally.

Partnership Friendly

UpEnergy leverages local relationships to expand our reach to all sectors of the population.  We are continually seeking partners with access to local markets to expand our footprint and achieve our social mission.  Contact us if you would like to discuss a potential partnership.