UpEnergy has the privilege of working with world-class organizations that provide a wide range of support from equity capital to forward sold carbon credits and strategic input. These organizations include:

Finnfund (Finnish Fund for Industrial Cooperation Ltd.) is a Finnish development finance company that provides long-term risk capital for private projects in developing countries. Finnfund invested in UpEnergy in 2013 and continues to work along side the organization as a strategic partner.

- The Swedish Energy Agency (SEA) works for the use of renewable energy, improved technologies, a smarter end-use of energy, and mitigation of climate change. In 2013, SEA signed a contract for the purchase of 500,000  UN-backed carbon credits from UpEnergy.

- Climate Wedge LLC is an independent carbon management and investment advisory firm pursuing principal investments and GHG reduction project development in the carbon markets, and providing carbon finance and emissions-trading related advisory and asset management services to corporations, financial institutions, and low-carbon technology providers around the world.

- Offsetters is Canada’s leading provider of carbon-management solutions. Offsetters helps organizations and individuals understand, reduce and offset their climate impact.

In 2011, Offsetters signed a contract to purchase 100,000 Gold Standard carbon credits from UpEnergy.