SmartHome Cooking Competition at Energy Week 2014

SmartHome awarded the Best Cook Award on the Ezy Stove at Energy Week!

On Monday and Tuesday three women cooked on the Ezy Stove, for the first time in their life!                                                   All of them enjoyed cooking on the Ezy Stove. They shared their experiences with us:

- “It really saves a lot of firewood, only very little wood is needed!”                                                                                                 - “Cooking on the Ezy Stove is so fast. Cooking a big saucepan of Katogo only took 40 minutes!”                                          - “There was no smoke while cooking!”    

The SmartHome team was very pleased with the positive, genuine feedback.

To determine the winner of Best Cook Award, visitors and exhibitors were invited to taste the food and vote whose Katogo (Matooke and peanut sauce) they liked best. People were gathered around the SmartHome tent, eager to taste the food cooked on the Ezy Stove. All of them were amazed by the great taste of the food:

- “From where did you  hire these women? Are they from a catering service?”                                                                              – “Are these women chefs? Are they experts in cooking?”

But none of these women were professional cooks. Each of them are students studying subjects such as business or social science, but not cooking.

The positive feedback of the food tasters demonstrated that the Ezy Stove not only reduces firewood use, time and smoke, but also that food cooked on the Ezy Stove, tastes amazing!

SmartHome at Energy Week




SmartHome cooking competition





Participants enjoy cooking on Ezy Stove




Competition winner enjoying cooking on Ezy Stove




Happy food tasters receiving great tasting Katogo cooked on Ezy Stove







Best Cook Award ceremony



Best Cook winner s awarded SmartHome Stove






SmartHome is presenting at Energy Week – until Saturday, September 13 – come and visit us!