UpEnergy protects tea farmers

UpEnergy is partnering with tea factories, as these companies aim to protect the environment and the lives of tea growers. SmartHome energy-efficient clean cook stoves help to reduce deforestation and to diminish dangerous smoke from traditional cooking practices.

Most of the Tea Factories partnering with UpEnergy are located in Western Uganda and they currently include:

  • McleodRussel, one of the largest Tea companies in the world
  • Igara Growers Tea Factory, a member of Uganda Tea Development
  • Kayonza Growers Tea Factory, also a member of Uganda Tea Development


The acquisition of these stoves is mainly made possible through International donor funding and partnerships with the tea estates, which enable tea farmers, pluckers and factory workers to access energy-efficient clean cook stoves and products.

As of today UpEnergy has distributed over 300 stoves to members of the Igara Growers Tea Factory with energy-efficient cooking stoves, thus improving the health of more than 1,000 people and saving more than 1,660 trees per year. UpEnergy is also looking to grow this distribution network, as negotiations are currently ongoing with a number of different leading local tea estates and factories.