New energy-efficient product: SmartHome Stove

UpEnergy recently partnered with Green Bio Energy to create its first branded, Uganda-manufactured cookstove called the SmartHome Stove.

The SmartHome Stove represents high quality design and construction sets UpEnergy on a path to champion cookstoves that are inspired by sophisticated imported technology but manufactured locally to reduce cost to the customer. Retailing at just $11, we believe that the SmartHome Stove represents the best value for money of any charcoal cookstove currently in the Ugandan market.

The SmartHome Stove has been met with widespread success with more than 1,000 units produced and sold within the last four months.

Thanks to innovations in the stove design, the new stove model is 11% more thermally efficient than most clay stoves used by charcoal users in Uganda and 7% more efficient than the next best energy-efficient stove currently in the market. (Research based on CREEC’s 2014 stove testing findings.)

SmartHome Stove