Empowering micro-entrepreneurs

UpEnergy in partnership with KIVA has once again teamed up to provide micro-entrepreneurs with interest free micro-loans, to enable them create their own businesses.

In July 3 new loans were funded by KIVA lenders, enabling 3 highly motivated micro-entrepreneurs to create their own businesses.

Angellah a fifty year old mother of five and a community leader who sells SmartHome cookstoves so she can be able to pay for her kids’ school fees, is one of the beneficiaries of this loan facility. Having dropped out of school due to a lack of money when she was a girl, she is aware of the essential importance of education.  Angellah also aims to empower the women in her community and improve their wellbeing. By using the energy-efficient stove, their financial situation as well as their health is improving.

In a similar development, Michael and David are now growing their own businesses, selling SmartHome products successfully. Both of them are highly motivated business men, with ample experience working with energy-efficient cooking stoves. The biggest benefit of working with UpEnergy for them, is the ability to become successful micro-entrepreneurs and to help to protect the environment with their business. Deforestation is a big issue in Uganda, and by distributing energy-efficient products, UpEnergy and its micro-entrepreneurs are saving the environment and reducing emissions, thus mitigating climate change.